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The Surfaces Specialists

Since 1950, SESA core business is the production of press moulds to produce melamine faced chipboards and laminates. It is known worldwide for its wide range of finishes from the classis High gloss to the recent ONE collection.
Pioneers in applying the Embossed In Register (E.I.R) technology to produce a finish for flooring, representing the highest expression of realism, SESA continues researching new technologies to enhance the realism of the finish. The most recent project leads to the collection ONE.
SESA offers to its customers the possibility to refurbish its press moulds, granting the efficiency as per new ones and extending the lifespan of its products.
Meanwhile, the technological equipment has been upgraded and the production area has been enlarged. All these improvements are guarantee of quality, service and innovation.
In 2000, the attention to customer's needs leads Mr. Santori, SESA owner, to create in India a JV for the refurbishment of press moulds. In 2007, the plant starts also the production of new press moulds for the local market. In 2011, the company is completely taken over by Mr. Santori, who founds SESA India.


A strong reality since year 2000

The company, situated in Neemrana in State of Rajasthan (INDIA), was founded on 26th November 2000 as SESA MSF, thanks to the experience of at that time owners: Mr. Santori and Mr. Kothari.
Thanks to the constant support of the Italian sister company, from a barren plot of land, SESA India was able to carve its predominant position in the market granting the same European standards in quality and service.
In 2011, SESA SpA Italy purchased the majority of the stocks and created SESA INDIA, which is now fully part of the Sesa Group.

From the beginning

a story of great success

Sesa story 2016

The third generation is fully involved in the daily business of the company in the person of Mr.Carlo Santori and Luca Santori

Sesa story 2015

During Interzum exhibition, SESA presents its new revolutionary collection: ONE, achieving a great success.

Sesa story 2013

Official presentation of new Sesa Showroom.

Sesa story 2012

The new App iSesafriendly is published on the Apple store.

Sesa story 2011

SESA acquires the majority of the Indian JV and creates SESA INDIA.

Sesa story 2010

Revamping of graphic department.

Sesa story 2007

SESA MSF launches the production of rough Matt finishes – an immediate success in the Indian market.

Sesa story 2005

Sesa switches the entire chemical etching process to "full digital" technology. Another worldwide record for SESA.

Sesa story 2004

For the very first time, the E.i.R technology is applied to MFC for verticals, introducing the M.E.i.R (Melamine Embossed in Register) concept during a dedicated event in Milan in May 2004.

Sesa story 2002

Creation of a Graphic Department, where specialized designers are working every day to create new finishes.

Sesa story 2000

SESA and MSF India establish a JV for the refurbishment of smooth moulds for the local market to grant a faster servicing.

Sesa story 1998

E.i.R. (TM) Embossed in Register technology is developed for the flooring application; the first laminated board is produced and presented worldwide at Surfaces '99 in cooperation with Uniboard Canada.

Sesa story 1990

Sesa installs the Chroming department, which allows to increase the scratch resistance of the plate surface.

Sesa story 1979

Sesa installs the chemical etching department. Since than, we created more than 4000 patterns.

Sesa story 1977

Mr. Marco Santori, founder's son, joined the company. He's still involved in the daily business.

Sesa story 1970

Introduction of Non-directional Matt finishes with different gloss levels.

Sesa story 1950

The future begins thanks to the creative idea and strong will of Mr. Antonio Santori (1922-2006). The very first plates "Speco", with a high-gloss surface, were produced in Sesa. This surface is our evergreen.


The collection which answers to all your needs

"ONE" answers to customer's request for renovation of classic finishes and for natural, low matt structures to be used under standard parameters. As a matter of fact, deep finishes often require an underlay and longer pressing cycles, whilst with "ONE" we are now able to offer an attractive alternative able to ensure a natural look similar to real veneer. "ONE" technology, with its peculiar dark-black gloss, in combination with EIR technology, doubles the 3D effect increasing the visibility of shallower pores and the natural look of the finish.

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